What is Mining?

Bitcoin mining is all about confirming transactions and has nothing to do with physical mining. It is similar in that bitcoin miners mine bitcoin out. Mining is the process of miners adding and collecting transaction records on the blockchain network which is the public ledger.

This is done using special software and the solving of complex computer problems which results to new coins in each block. A node is a computer that is used for the bitcoin software to operate on and quickly spreads bitcoin transactions around the network. Essentially, miners help to ensure the network is stable and secure.

How can I start mining?

To become a cryptocurrency miner, you will need the internet, a hardware setup location, a coin wallet, mining hardware and software, membership in a mining pool and a currency exchanger and an ATI graphics processing unit.

Mining is generally an expensive process. However, an individual can earn from mining without becoming a miner through a suitable and reliable mining commission programme available online.

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